Mobile monitoring with Trace

Catch bugs before your users do — get detailed crash reports and monitor how your app is performing across the entire install base.

Mobile monitoring with Trace

About Trace

Publish to the app stores with confidence -
Trace will help you detect, identify, and resolve issues before users report them.

Detect the problem

Know about issues before your users report them.

Assess the impact

Focus on resolving the issues which are most impactful to your users.

Trace the cause

Spend less time trying to reproduce bugs.

Review crash reports

Oversee issues happening across the entire install base, and decide where you need to focus your efforts. Filter or sort issue types by volume and affected users to quickly assess the impact.

Monitor performance

See how your app performs on your user devices: monitor crash rate, memory/CPU usage, latency, and network performance. Oversee everything in one place with visualized reports and catch anomalies early on.

Visualize sessions

Use the detailed reports to easily reproduce, debug, and fix issues. Each event contains useful information about the user’s device and environment to give you a better understanding of why the crash occurred.

Check out Trace in action

Try Trace now to monitor your app’s performance across the entire install base and get detailed crash reports.