Alberto De Bortoli
Alberto De Bortoli
Principal iOS Engineer @ Just Eat
Alberto De Bortoli
Alberto De Bortoli

Food delivery made easy with Just Eat

"Bitrise is so easy to use, even new hires are comfortable with it."

About Just Eat

Food is love, food is life. Nowadays, our options for takeout are practically unlimited: whether you want something from that Italian place around the corner, some Chinese, or something from that new vegan place on the other side of town, you can always find a way to order something you like — but what if you don’t want to bother with looking for all the different websites, or constantly having to call up places whenever you want to take a bite? Well, with Just Eat, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Since its foundation in 2001, Just Eat has become one of the biggest names of the online food ordering and delivery industry. Operating in 13 countries across Europe, Oceania, and the Americas, Just Eat is always there provide people with a long list of great quality local restaurants, as well as the means to order from them right away, all through one platform.

Over the years, the company has seen a tremendous growth, with many brands such as Menulog, SkipTheDishes, and joining their family. Now a part of the FTSE 100, Just Eat has more than 3000 employees across their offices and business areas, with over 30 developers working on bringing food closer to people’s tables.

Just Eat iOS Team

In a pickle

As Just Eat grew, it adopted an approach of handling each and every one of the markets it covered as separate entities with their own, separate development needs. While this meant that every market was able to receive the attention they deserved, as time went on, it became apparent that the large number of individual products shipped have also introduced a significant increase in their development time and all-around workload as well.

Just Eat Office

In order to prepare their app development process and codebases for their upscaling goals, Just Eat dove into the world of continuous integration. With a broad range of projects needing attention, they were looking for a third-party solution that could help them right away, hoping to avoid prolonged setup times and spending valuable resources on implementation processes.

After trying a couple of alternatives — in addition to their internal CI stack — Just Eat realized that in order to properly support their app development efforts, they would need a CI/CD solution that was specifically designed for mobile development, preferably with a ton of plugins and features that they could make use of. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The cream of the crop

Just Eat App

After deciding to leave their previous CI/CD experiments behind, Just Eat did extensive research on the market and its most prominent companies. Carefully considering their options, they settled on a platform that seemed easy to use, was mobile-specific, and had an amazing pricing model: Bitrise.

“We got good vibes from Bitrise.” — Alberto De Bortoli, Principal iOS Engineer

After reaching out, Just Eat started using the service for its iOS apps right away. They soon realised that through it, they would not only be able to solve the challenges they were currently facing with ease, but would also be able to utilize benefits of Bitrise’s in-depth customizability without having to worry about creating a steep learning curve for its developers.

“Bitrise is so easy to use, even new hires are comfortable with it.” — Alberto De Bortoli, Principal iOS Engineer

Sweet results

“The amount of time we saved by setting up apps in Bitrise instead of a custom stack is immeasurable.” — Alberto De Bortoli, Principal iOS Engineer

Since they started using Bitrise, Just Eat has seen an increased velocity in their app development progress, along with a noticeable decrease in unnecessary waiting times for its team members. In addition to this, they have also been able to realize a newly-organized, modular architecture, which perfectly supports the high number of projects and app versions they are running at the same time.

Just Eat Car

Working towards one main app with a plethora of included modules, the company now runs 150+ builds per week, continuously testing, distributing, and deploying everything through the platform. By using Bitrise, Just Eat is able to rapidly deliver multiple iterations of its products — which means a better customer experience for you, and fewer worries about getting food. All you have to do is sit back, order something, and just eat.

Hungry for more information about Just Eat? Check out their website to find out more about what they do, and whether they’re in your area!

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