Customer Storyteller

Job description

We're hiring a Customer Storyteller for our headquarters in Budapest, Hungary.

Hi there, customer storyteller 👋

You'll tell amazing stories about how Bitrise is used by some of the biggest, well-known and most interesting companies in the world. You'll talk to Fortune Global 500 companies and mobile unicorns 🦄, digital agencies and exciting new startups, after which you'll turn their Bitrise experiences into a compelling and convincing narrative for others to learn from.

Your main focus is telling these stories in our customer success center, but as an experienced writer that doesn't shy away from getting a bit commercial, you're also happy to help us improve copy for landing pages, ads and more.

The aim of your work is spreading the Bitrise gospel through stories that people enjoy reading. You're not just writing for mobile developers, but are increasingly telling stories for potential hires and non-developer customer stakeholders (product managers, C-level execs, etc).

As Bitrise usage within a company increases, non-developers play a bigger role in the decision making process. Convincing this particular audience isn't so much about the technology, as it is about the business benefits of using Bitrise (plus a healthy dose of tech-envy after seeing the amazing companies that already use us). This means you don't need to know the exact ins-and-outs of mobile app development, but you do need some 'feel' for technology and software development in particular.

Why get onboard the Bitrise rocket? 🚀

Bitrise is going places. Literally. After being part of Y-Combinator in '17 we came back to Budapest and built the definitive continuous integration and delivery platform for mobile app developers. Now, with countless mobile unicorns, Fortune 500 companies and top app developers using Bitrise, we're expanding into new markets across the globe and are growing faster than ever.

We're not just here to make developer's lives easier, but we're fundamentally changing the mobile app development process. For the better.

What you'll actually be doing

  • Reach out to selected Bitrise customers for participation in a customer success story (we have a backlog to get you started initially);

  • Use interviews or email conversations with customers to gather input for stories;

  • Write stories, plus gather the necessary imagery to turn them into something we're proud to share with the world;

  • Participate in - and contribute to - broader Bitrise growth efforts, leveraging your knowledge and experience as a writer;

  • Work closely with our tech writers (responsible for developer documentation), tech content creator (responsible for the blog) and the rest of the growth team.


Your background:

  • Your written English is flawless, both in spelling as well as in grammar;

  • You have a proven track record as a (commercial) content creator in an international environment;

  • You're able to combine a commercial message, some high-level technical concepts and a bit of fun in a cohesive story, plus you're able to show us examples of this ability in action;

  • Your written English is flawless, both in spelling as well as in grammar.

(Big) pluses for:

  • Experience working with (ideally, marketing to) developers;

  • Affinity with mobile app development.

Growth culture fit

  • You're a specialist, but you can contribute (and enjoy contributing) to broader goal-setting for the Growth team;

  • You're organized and analytical, with a keen ability to self prioritize;

  • You're here to make a difference and are willing to leverage all your skills and experience to impact growth.