Event Manager (US, EU, HUN)

Job description

We're hiring an Event Manager to join us either remotely or in our headquarters in Budapest, Hungary.

Hi there, event manager 👋

At Bitrise you’ll find, support and organize events for our global audience of mobile app developers. You’ll support developers hosting their own meetups on 6 continents, organize cross-departmental team roadshows to customer hubs, plan our presence at some of tech’s most important conferences and more.

We don’t organize or attend events to keep ourselves busy though: They all serve a purpose. We use events to drive new user acquisition, educate existing users, build relationships with the community and - perhaps most importantly- gather feedback and input. We’re successful because we’re the best place for mobile app developers to build applications. Constant feedback and input is how we stay the best place.

As an event manager, you assess and improve the contribution of events to our goals as a company and our growth team in particular. You don’t just organize, but you have a sense of responsibility when it comes to outcomes: You’re focussed on the objectives we’re trying to achieve and don’t lose focus because of vanity metrics that don’t actually contribute.

Lastly, you’ll be flexing your creative muscles. Anyone can slap a logo on a conference slide, pull out a rollup banner and plant themselves behind a conference table. We like doing things differently. You don’t just execute flawlessly, you’re able to contribute new, out-of-the-box ideas both for events specifically, as well as to our broader growth efforts.

Ideally, you’ll have experience in both planning meetups, as well as organizing a larger conference or tradeshow presence. You don’t need to know the exact ins-and-outs of mobile app development, but you do need some 'feel' for technology and software development in particular. Experience with developer relations is a definite bonus.

Why get onboard the Bitrise rocket? 🚀

Bitrise is going places. Literally. After being part of Y-Combinator in '17 we came back to Budapest and built the definitive continuous integration and delivery platform for mobile app developers. Now, with countless mobile unicorns, Fortune 500 companies and top app developers using Bitrise, we're expanding into new markets across the globe and are growing faster than ever.

We're not just here to make developer's lives easier, but we're fundamentally changing the mobile app development process. For the better.



What you'll actually be doing

  • Organize cross-departemental roadshows, combining customer visits, meetup speaking engagements and conference sponsorship for groups of Bitrise employees from different teams;

  • Set up, monitor and manage a system of user-requested meetup support for relevant meetups around the world;

  • Organize Bitrise-hosted meetups in our Budapest headquarters;

  • Find, assess and organize a Bitrise presence at relevant big-ticket tech events;

  • Participate in - and contribute to - broader Bitrise growth efforts, leveraging your knowledge and experience as an event manager;

  • Work closely with our content team (responsible for announcing, covering and recapping events), the digital user acquisition team (responsible for promoting events) and the rest of the growth team.