Infrastructure & Automation Engineer (Budapest)

Job description

Location: EU

Infrastructure is the heart of our service: our machines are humming in cold rooms 24/7 to run builds for thousands of companies, making developers' lives easier. We're looking for someone to join our infrastructure team and help us engineer and develop the services keeping our servers working and happy. If you automate every task when you have to do them for the second time, you'd be a good candidate for our team. Writing open-source code is also a core part of our mentality so we'll be happy if you already have a GitHub account.


On typical days, you'll do:

  • Development: work on our build execution API written in Golang
  • Automation: virtual machine template management mainly using VMware vSphere's and Google Compute Engine's APIs
  • Reliability engineering: performance tweaking, reliability tuning, monitoring, log aggregation, alerting, anomaly detection


You must have:

  • Good spoken and written English
  • Linux (mainly Ubuntu) and/or MacOS experience
  • Proven experience in at least two high-level, object-oriented programming languages

Big plus if you have experience in:

  • REST API and/or backend development
  • Working with production server clusters
  • Configuration management tools (e.g. Chef, Ansible, Puppet)
  • Desktop and/or server virtualization (e.g. VMware, VirtualBox, Vagrant)
  • Containerization technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Public cloud configuration and management (e.g. AWS, GCE, Azure)
  • Release management
  • Open-source development
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Mobile development (significant part of the job is working on creating/managing build environments for mobile developers)