Software Architect

Job description

We put an extraordinary amount of effort and love into building the best automation platform for mobile developers. We're looking for someone who can apply that same vision and thoughtfulness to designing the systems which power our services.

What you'll be doing:

- Lead the design and architecture efforts of our service
- Help our engineering leads in architecture related matters/questions
- Ensure the services and systems we use are sufficient (works in all supported environments, conforms to internal and external requirements) and future proof (scalable, will not block known future initiatives)
- Research and educate about new key technologies we plan to use
- Work on interesting architectural challenges related to maintaining and scaling a global CI/CD/automation platform and related services


You must have:

- Good spoken and written English
- Ability to work independently, as well as playing well with others
- Experience in an architect role (software/cloud architect)
- Experience designing secure, reliable, scalable services
- Deep experience working with Google Cloud or AWS
- Past work experience as a Senior Web/DevOps/Infrastructure developer (or in a similar role)
- Experience in designing software delivery pipelines

Nice to have:

- Experience in: Go, vSphere, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, AWS, PostgreSQL, microservices architecture, terraform, Redis, Linux, macOS, Ansible, Kafka, monitoring (e.g. DataDog)
- Management experience
- Teaching/knowledge sharing experience
- Desktop and/or server virtualization experience (e.g. VMware, VirtualBox, Vagrant)
- Experience in user facing/public API design
- Configuring and using continuous integration/continuous delivery systems, designing CI/CD/automation pipelines