Technical Product Owner (Budapest)

Job description

Over the years, Bitrise has become the leading mobile CI/CD platform and that’s because from the start we’ve been customer centric when it came to developing our product. Our mission is to make teams more productive by making it easier for them to create high quality apps faster through automation. We’ve created a brand and a product that mobile teams actually love and talk about, and when they talk, we listen.

You’ll take ownership of the tooling around Bitrise (CLI, step library, etc.) and maintain the course of steady research and development while coordinating with each team to have everyone on the same page. The Tooling team maintains the main runner (CLI) and the whole open source step library, making Birtrise-made steps better every day as well as constructing guidelines and processes for open source step contributions. This team also has the primary role when introducing new platforms, e.g. recently Flutter, in the form of creating the necessary steps and updating the scanner to automatically recognize this new project type and configure the base workflows. Moreover, this team is responsible for making the configuration and efficiency of each existing platforms better by enhancing the tools around them. This is why we’re looking for someone with advanced technical background (ex-developer, -engineering manager, etc.) who can grasp the nuances of the types of innovation this team needs to deliver.

Beside these you’ll talk a lot to our customers: Fortune Global 500 companies and countless mobile unicorns, digital agencies and exciting new startups. You’ll do this to figure out what missed the mark, which rough edges could be brushed or what we’d need to do to make them even happier. You’ll collaborate with the engineering, marketing, support and design teams to make sure all the pieces fall into place.

You’ll be able to impact how mobile teams develop their apps at companies like InVision, Traveloka, Duolingo, Zeplin and Cheddar.

Why get onboard the Bitrise rocket? 🚀

Bitrise is going places. Literally. After being part of Y-Combinator in ’17 we came back to Budapest and built the definitive continuous integration and delivery platform for mobile app developers. We’re not just here to make developer’s lives easier, but we’re fundamentally changing the mobile app development process. For the better.

What you’ll actually be doing

  • Talking to customers, gathering and qualifying feedback via conversations and formal feature requests

  • Taking ownership of the Bitrise tools together with the Tooling dev team by making sure every team is aligned on the vision and functionality of any improvement and product

  • Constructing roadmaps and triaging new backlog items

  • Optimizing processes on how information about new enhancements are shared across teams

  • Suggesting and elaborating initiatives for the team aligned with the company OKRs


Your background

  • You have at least 1-2 years of PO experience

  • At least 2-3 years of experience being part of agile teams and familiar with agile methodologies.

  • You have an advanced understanding of the tools and processes of software development, especially in regard to mobile apps (APIs, Git, CI/CD, platform-specific tools etc.)

  • You’re able to quickly grasp and construct concepts and have systemic thinking

  • You’re charismatic and knowledgeable enough to influence and negotiate with teams even though those individuals have more experience in what they do than you in their field

  • Native or fluent English speaking and writing skills

Big bonus if you’ve:

  • Already scaled a Saas product and/or developer tool

  • Been part of a rapidly growing company/team