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If you use GitFlow for development, you can easily create separate workflows for your feature/*, develop, and master branches to define which kind of tests to run when, and which version of your app to deploy to specific tester groups.

White label apps

For your white label apps, you can easily create different workflows for your different app flavors, defining the necessary environment variables at the beginning of a build. Check the guide in our Docs.


Setting up a CI for your cross-platform apps has never been easier. Simply create an iOS and an Android specific workflow and keep everything neat and tidy with your setup.

Workflow specific stacks

Run your regression tests by defining a different stack for a workflow. This could come in handy when a new Xcode beta comes out and you’d like to test it out on your project before migrating your whole project over.

Read more on our blog

Define what to build when with triggers

Code push

Setup which workflow to build with when a specific branch is updated.

Pull request

Test your code before merging your pull request. Bitrise allows specifying a/the source and a/the target branch of your PR and sends back the build status automatically to GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab.


Define what should happen when you add a tag to your repository.

Check trigger map docs

Secure file storage

Secret environment variables

Secrets are stored encrypted and are only exposed during (a) build(s) or when you’d like to reveal them on the UI. Your credentials and API keys for connected services are safe with us.

Make secrets & files protected

You can set any secret env or file, such as (a) provisioning profile(s), (a) certificate(s) or (a) keystore(s) as protected. Protected secrets cannot be revealed on the UI and such files cannot be downloaded by anyone from your team.

Run the same config locally

Download your bitrise.yml and use our open source CLI locally to debug a build or to run your automations from the terminal. Bitrise saves each build’s configuration state and if changed you can check out a diff between the older and the new versions. Something seems off? Click restore to roll back to an earlier version.

Read more about CLI

Chain workflows together

Specify workflows for repeat stages in your pipelines and connect them together seamlessly. See all your workflow chains at a glance on the UI.

300+ integrations

You name it, we have it. Use steps from our library to create powerful workflows, and if you’re missing an integration, add it to our open source library.


You can do scripting, but you don’t have to. Sometimes you need something custom, we get it. Drop in a Script step anywhere in your workflow and run any command or install any tool that you need. Don’t worry you have full control over the virtual machine.

Open source

You can even configure your workflows on your desktop by downloading the open source editor, if adding lines to your YAML is not your style.

Check the source code on GitHub

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